Notices of Proposed Regulation Amendments

Published: February 13th, 2008

Category: Memos

Jamie Lewis Keith, Vice President and General Counsel

6C1-1.012 Tuition-Free Courses
6C1-1.015 Community Campaign
6C1-1.200 Benefits, Retirement Programs, Employment Services, and Holidays
6C1-2.001 Possession and Use of Firearms
6C1-2.019 Alcoholic Beverages
6C1-3.007 Traffic & Parking; Parking Registration
6C1-3.008 Traffic & Parking; Miscellaneous Provisions
6C1-3.009 Traffic & Parking; Bus System
6C1-3.010 Traffic & Parking; Control of Parking
6C1-3.013 Traffic & Parking; Violations
6C1-3.014 Traffic & Parking; Fine Schedule
6C1-3.015 Traffic & Parking; Jurisdiction; Appeals
6C1-3.025 Lease of Space
6C1-3.0372 Student Health, Athletic, and Activity and Service Fees
6C1-4.007 Confidentiality of Student Records

These Notices of Proposed Regulation Amendments have been published on the University’s official website at

Thank you.

cc: Barbara C. Wingo, Associate Vice President and Deputy General Counsel

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