Transfer Applications

Published: February 21st, 2008

Category: Memos

Janie M. Fouke, Provost

As you know, we have been directed by the Board of Governors (BOG) to reduce our enrollment for the fall semester to align it better with the money that we are receiving from the Legislature. You also know that freshmen admission decisions and many graduate student admissions decisions have already been announced, leaving us limited degrees of freedom for responding to the BOG request. At the present, we have several thousand applications from students from two and four year institutions seeking to transfer into the University of Florida to complete their Bachelors’ degree. Very few of these decisions have been released.

While we are waiting for guidance from the Legislature, the Board of Governors and the University of Florida’s Board of Trustees, we will delay the release of admissions decisions to transfer applicants. Decisions will be released no sooner than April 15. Please continue to process your applications but do not contact the applicants to inform them of your recommendation with regards to their admissibility. It is highly likely that UF will admit fewer of these students. This means each of you will have to make some difficult decisions, requiring you to weigh the transfer students against local capacity. Something to keep in mind during this process is how your proposed budget-cutting decisions for next year will impact student credit hour delivery and next year’s tuition revenues.

Thanks to you all. This is as tough a challenge as I believe I have ever seen put before academic administrators. The response from you all so far reminds me once again of how proud I am to be your colleague.

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