Vehicle Management Policy

Published: June 18th, 2008

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Ed Poppell, Vice President for Business Affairs

The University of Florida has developed a Vehicle Management Policy that provides guidelines for the purchase of vehicles, maintenance of those vehicles, and operation of University-owned cars. This policy has been reviewed by the Faculty Senate Infrastructure Committee, the Cost Containment & Efficiency Committee, and endorsed by President Machen. This policy statement can be found on the Physical Plant Web site at

You will find below a summary of the directives that are contained in the policy:

1. Sharing and pooling of vehicles among departments and colleges is encouraged.

2. Departments and colleges are encouraged to explore alternative transportation options such as renting or leasing vehicles as needed from Avis, Enterprise, or Zipcar and using the Campus Cab rather than owning a vehicle.

3. University departments are strongly encouraged to use the Physical Plant Motor Pool for maintenance and repair. UF Motor Pool is staffed by ASE Certified mechanics and charges approximately half the local labor rates.

4. University departments are strongly encouraged to purchase fuel from the UF Motor Pool when possible. Fuels costs on campus average $0.10/gallon less for gasoline and $0.50/gallon less for diesel compared to average local prices.

5. Requests to purchase new vehicles must be approved by the area Vice President and reviewed for appropriateness by UF Purchasing.

6. University departments are encouraged to reduce and eliminate cars that are driven less than 7,000 miles per year. See policy for exceptions.

7. University departments will be required to report vehicle utilization (mileage) on a quarterly basis by using the on-line form found at Departments that refuel at Motor Pool will not need to complete this form given mileage is recorded during refueling.

Thank you for your assistance.

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