Notice of Changes in Proposed Regulations

Published: September 19th, 2008

Category: Memos

Jamie Lewis Keith, Vice President and General Counsel

Student Honor Code and Student Conduct Code:
6C1-4.040 Philosophy and Definitions
6C1-4.041 Scope and Violations
6C1-4.042 Resolution Options, Procedures for Reviews and Hearings
6C1-4.0431 Student Conduct Committee
6C1-4.0432 Violations in University Housing
6C1-4.0433 Health Science Center Student Conduct Committee
6C1-4.0434 Law School Honor System
6C1-4.0435 Greek Conduct Committee
6C1-4.046 Alternative Dispute Resolution
6C1-4.047 Sanctions
6C1-4.049 Withholdng Degrees Pending Resolution of Violation(s), Withdrawing and Revoking Degrees
6C1-4.050 Records, Holds, Issuance of Transcripts, and Retention of Records in Cases of Disciplinary Action

Attached are copies of the Notice of Changes in Proposed Regulations that have been published on the University’s official website at

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