NUMBERED MEMORANUDM 2009-05 Graduate Students Deferments

Published: January 16th, 2009

Category: Memos

Michael V. McKee, Assistant Vice President and University Controller

Graduate students on appointments (Teaching Assistants, Research Assistants, Graduate Assistants and Fellows) will be granted a deferment for the payment of fees (building, activity and service, transportation, etc.). The spring 2009 fee payment deadline for students on appointments is March 20. After this day a $100 late fee will be charged. In order to receive this deferment, students must not owe prior term fees. Graduate students receiving financial aid will continue to have fees paid at the time the financial aid is disbursed.

As a result of this policy, it is critical to get appointments into the system by January 16.

All other graduate students are still required to pay fees by the January 16 deadline. Please notify your Graduate Assistants and Fellows of this policy.

We are pleased to provide this deferred deadline to our Graduate Assistants and Fellows to help with their financial planning.

Questions regarding Graduate Student appointments should be directed to Academic Personnel in the Office of Human Resource Services at (352) 392-2477.

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