Student E-Mail Forwarding – Policy Change

Published: April 20th, 2009

Category: Memos

Chuck Frazier, Interim Chief Information Officer
Tim Fitzpatrick, Director Computing and Networking Services

Effective May 5, 2009, students will be able to forward their GatorLink email address to any valid email address, on or off campus. This policy change is in response to student preferences, improved spam handling capabilities, and a recommendation from the Information Technology Advisory Council – Data Infrastructure Group.

Official correspondence from the University is sent to the students via the GatorLink email address. A free GatorLink mailbox continues to be provided for all students. Students selecting the forwarding option are still responsible for regularly checking for any mail sent to their GatorLink email address – either at their GatorLink mailbox, or at their chosen forwarding address.

Please discuss this policy change with appropriate staff. Also, we ask that you to remove any web or published statements that reflect the old policy (restricting students from forwarding their email).

Special circumstances may lead individual colleges/units to establish restrictions on the use of email by their students. Such restrictions must be promulgated and enforced at the local level.

For additional information regarding this policy change, please contact Tim Fitzpatrick at 273-1325 or

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