Telecommunications Rates for FY 09-10

Published: April 17th, 2009

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Chuck Frazier, Interim Chief Information Officer
Tim Fitzpatrick, Director, Computing and Networking Services

CNS Telecommunications recently completed an annual review of Telecom Rates. The good news is that rates will not change this year. This is possible because the migration of many departments to Voice Over IP (VoIP) and negotiated better deals with external vendors have resulted in some cost savings. And while the increase in the UF auxiliary overhead tax more than offsets these combined savings, current rates remain the same next year.

Telecom Rates effective July 1, 2009 are listed below:

  1. Basic Line Service
    VoIP $11.00
    Centrex $20.00
    Key System $27.00
    Externally-managed Lines $ 1.50
  2. Other Common Line Service Charges
    ATT MemoryCall Voice Mailbox $4.00
    ATT Multiple Appearance $6.30
    ATT MemoryCall Transfer Mailbox $3.25
    ATT Directory Listings $2.10
  3. Long Distance
    Intrastate (per minute) – on campus origination $0.055
    Interstate (per minute) – on campus origination $0.035
    Intrastate/Interstate – off campus origination $0.080
  4. Installation and Repair
    Work Order Fee $25.00
    Technician Hourly Rate $75.00
    New Programming per Line $10.00

    For more information regarding CNS Telecom rates for FY 09-10, please contact Barb Sedesse at 273-1105 or visit our website at

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