Undergraduate Research Database

Published: December 9th, 2009

Category: Memos

Kevin Knudson, Director, University Honors Program

As the spring semester approaches, many of our Honors students will be searching for undergraduate research opportunities.  I encourage you to post projects on our Undergraduate Research Database.  This database is maintained by Honors Program staff and is designed to match interested undergrads with researchers in all fields from across the university.  Posting a project is easy to do and once your initial project is approved by the Honors Program, you may add change or delete projects at your convenience.  To post a project please visit the link below:


The Honors freshmen that matriculated in the fall have an average SAT score of 2160 and an average weighted GPA of 4.41.  This academically talented group includes 158 National Merit Scholars and 21 National Achievement Scholars.  I hope you’ll consider including some of these impressive students in your research projects.  Thanks for your continued support of undergraduate research at the University of Florida.

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