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Published: February 24th, 2011

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Paula Varnes Fussell, Vice President for Human Resource Services

Over the past several months, a university-wide committee invited insurance companies from across the country to participate in a competitive bid process with the goal of ensuring that the University continues to provide a comprehensive, reasonably priced health insurance plan for our graduate students on appointment and our postdoctoral associates. The review committee included representatives from the Graduate School, the College of Medicine, Student Government, the International Center, the Student Health Care Center, and Human Resource Services (HRS). The review was completed in January.

As a result of this process, I am pleased to announce that new health insurance plans will be available July 1 for postdoctoral associates and August 16 for graduate students on appointment. Titled GatorGradCare and PostDocCare, the plans will be offered through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida Inc. and will provide significant enhancements to the existing plan, including:

  1. A reduction in the cost of individual coverage from $1,570 to $1,188, with considerable price reductions for spouses/partners, and children.
  2. An unlimited prescription benefit.
  3. A reduced out-of-pocket cost for GatorGradCare and PostDocCare enrollees at in-network providers (from $12,500 to $3,000).
  4. An annual deductible of $100 instead of a per condition deductible of $100.
  5. A waived deductible at the Student Health Care Center and UF&Shands.

Additional information regarding the health insurance plan is available online at:

You may also contact the HRS GA, and Post Doc Associates Benefits Office at,, or (352) 392-0003.

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