Effort Reporting on Research Awards

Published: May 18th, 2011

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Matthew Fajack, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer; Winfred Phillips, Vice President for Research; Brad Staats, Assistant Vice President for Contracts and Grants

The University of Florida is committed to accurate and timely effort reporting. In December 2010, we began implementing a new system that allows for complete integration of the Faculty Assignment Report (FAR) and the Effort Reporting process. The new Effort Reporting system will be used to certify effort for the 2011 Summer term.

We are also installing a sponsored research Commitments module that will provide information to Principal Investigators to better manage their effort commitments and that of their Key Personnel on sponsored research projects that require such management.

Over the next several weeks, we will be contacting department support staff to request assistance with a one-time collection of research commitments by PI’s and Key Personnel to projects that are active as of May 1, 2011. This collection effort will be coordinated by the Office of Contracts & Grants Accounting Services. Our goal is to have this process completed by Friday, June 17, 2011. Following this one-time collection, commitments information for new awards will be entered and maintained in the system by the Office of Contracts and Grants Accounting Services when Notices of Award (NOA’s) are received from DSR. The purpose of this tool is to permit faculty and their administrators to track their projected commitment of percent effort against that stated in the awards. It is not intended as a control mechanism to prohibit PIs from distributing their time and that of their Key Personnel as they see fit to execute the research within the constraints of the award terms and conditions.

We must ensure that our financial recordkeeping meets the same high standards as our excellent research. The work that is now underway will directly affect many faculty, as well as staff. Your strong commitment to these efforts is critical.

Thank you for your attention to this important initiative. These improvements will position the University of Florida well for continued growth and success in our research endeavor.

Questions? Please contact Brad Staats at (352) 273-3136 or staatsb@ufl.edu.

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