Distinguished Professor Awards Nominations 2012-2013

Published: March 22nd, 2012

Category: Memos

Joseph Glover, Provost and Senior Vice President

This is a reminder that Deans or appropriate Directors may nominate Professors for the award of Distinguished Professor for the 2012-2013 awards cycle. These nominations follow the same timeline, forms, and process as for promotion (including the solicitation of external letters of evaluation) except that candidates cannot nominate themselves.

Candidates with appointments in non-college units with a direct report to a Vice President must be evaluated by the unit and by the college where their tenure is located or by a college closest to their discipline (if their tenure is in a center). In addition to the Director’s letter of nomination, the dean should provide a letter of assessment, including the numerical assessment of the college committee.

The title of Distinguished Professor acknowledges an exceptional record of achievement in the areas of teaching, research and publication, and professional and public service that is recognized both nationally and internationally. An exceptional record of achievement is one that places the candidate at the top of the discipline in at least one area with a record of significant distinction in the other two areas. National and international recognition are much more important than a variety of activities. The title of Distinguished Professor is a rare and special achievement.

The candidate must complete, sign, and date her or his nomination packet to indicate the packet is complete before departmental or unit review and voting occurs. Nominees must organize their packet according the University Template, including the order of documents, and numbers and titles of sections. For additional information on the process and relevant forms, see the University’s “Guidelines and Information Regarding the Tenure, Permanent Status and Promotion Process for 2012-2013” (found at http://www.aa.ufl.edu/tenure/). All nomination dossiers must be in the Academic Personnel Office, 903 West University Avenue, by January 9, 2013. Please schedule college/unit meetings to ensure this deadline is met.

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