2012 Prudential Davis Productivity Award Winners Announced

Published: April 5th, 2012

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Paula Varnes Fussell, Vice President for Human Resource Services

It gives me great pleasure to recognize the 2012 Prudential Davis Productivity Award winners from the University of Florida.  The Prudential Davis Productivity Award is an annual event honoring state government employees throughout Florida.

In addition to honoring “innovation, creativity, and smart work,” the awards program recognizes individuals and work units that have adapted or implemented previous years’ award-winning achievements to create added value.

The individuals and teams from UF who have been identified as 2012 winners are:

Joseph Burley, IT Expert, College of Nursing
Certificate of Commendation
Improvements to On-line Learning in Higher Education

Department of Recreational Sports Team, Division of Student Affairs
Certificate of Commendation
Implemented technological practices improving efficiency, service and sustainability
Team Members: Aaron Hobson, Marty Dempsey, Pamela Hightower

Thomas Summerford, Assistant Director, Office of the Associate Provost—Teaching & Technology
Notable Cash Award of $300
Redesigned On-line Faculty Evaluations Saving Time and Paper

Research Administration Data Team, Joint effort by the College of Medicine and Research Administration and Compliance
Developed Daily Financial Management System in Access Database
Team Members: Sandra Smith, Yurong Hu, Pam Anders

David Durand, Computer Programmer Analyst Manager, Enterprise Systems
Notable Cash Award of $300
Improved Overall Performance of Nightly Job Flow Control

Enterprise Systems: Student Information Systems Team, Enterprise Systems
Sustained History of Innovating Student Technology Services
Team Members:  Karen Adamson, Cindy King, Cathy Smith, Vicki Clifford, Monica Glynn, Lijun Liu, David Durand, Kathy Davies, Michael Lowe, John Schnedl, Earl Robbins, Jacob Prater, Clifford Preston, Christopher Stetter, Alan Cook, Walter Collier

Business Process Redesign Team, Office of the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Enterprise Systems and Office of Human Resource Services
Notable Cash Award of $500
Implemented Journal Entry Process to Streamline Inter-departmental Transactions
Team Members:  Kyle Hoffman, Brad Staats, Ronda Mitchell, Sheela Moudgil, Miryam Braun, Mikki Hall, Randy Staples, Patrice Lecomte, FJ Kutch, Jim Ferrer, Julie Rhee

For more information about the Davis Productivity Awards program, please visit http://www.hr.ufl.edu/awards/davis or contact our Agency Coordinator, Kenya Williams, at kenya-williams@ufl.edu or (352) 273-1761.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

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