Faculty and Staff Parking Decals Expire May 1, 2013

Published: April 2nd, 2013

Category: Memos

Scott Fox, Director, Transportation and Parking Services

All University of Florida and Shands faculty and staff parking decals will expire on May 1, 2013.  Please order by April 15th to assure receiving your new decal on time and avoid receiving parking citations.  There are three ways to order:

  1. ONLINE PAYROLL DEDUCTION (recommended): Benefits-eligible UF and Shands employees purchasing decals by payroll deduction may order online and will receive their decals in the mail.  Payroll deductions may be taken on either a pre-tax or post-tax basis.
  2. ONLINE CREDIT CARD:  All UF and Shands employees, including OPS employees, may order online and pay by Visa or MasterCard and will receive their decals in the mail.  Purchases by credit card cannot be made pre-tax.
  3. BY MAIL:  UF and Shands employees wishing to pay by check may complete and print a mail order form.  The form is located on the Faculty and Staff Decals and Pricing page under “How to Purchase.”

Please remember that we cannot release your new decal until all delinquent parking citations are paid.

For additional information or to order your decal, please visit http://www.parking.ufl.edu or call Transportation and Parking Services at 352-392-PARK (7275).

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