UF Human Subject Payments

Published: August 1st, 2013

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Matthew Fajack, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Dr. David Norton, Vice President for Research

Beginning this fall, the methods by which human subjects in UF research studies are compensated monetarily, as well as the systems that support these processes, will change.  This new system will enable the University of Florida to comply with federal and IRS regulations while improving the protection of its subjects’ data.  All new requests for human subject payments will use the new processes—which will affect how payments are coordinated, disbursed and tracked in the myUFL system.

Select departments have been engaged in the UF Human Subject Payments project since last spring and will be participating in a pilot during the next three months.

As a part of this initiative, UF Treasury Management recently introduced the central purchase of gift cards for human subject payments.  When the final system is implemented, distribution of prepaid debit cards for subject payments also will be available.  This will provide a flexible, secure and convenient way to pay human subjects while lowering costs to the university. Additionally, the new UF Human Subject Payments system will provide a “one-stop shop” experience for departments, improving turnaround time and reducing the overall administrative burden.

A new module in the myUFL system will ensure human subject payment data are encrypted and maintained in a confidential and secure manner.  Only those study investigators and associated staff with the appropriate security roles and adequate training will be allowed access to this area of the system—and only to those studies for which they are responsible.

We are committed to keeping campus well informed about this project. Regular communication updates are planned for the coming months, and training opportunities will be provided in advance of the project’s final implementation in November.  

For more information about the Human Subject Payments project, including answers to frequently asked questions, please visit http://www.fa.ufl.edu/hsp or contact Suzanne Sindledecker at Treasury-HSP@admin.ufl.edu or (352) 273-0493.

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