Internal Operating Procedures for Alteration/Renovation/Remodeling/Interior Design of Buildings & Infrastructure

Published: January 7th, 2014

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Curtis A. Reynolds, Vice President for Business Affairs

I am pleased to share with you the new online “Service Request” portal on the UF Planning, Design & Construction (formerly UF Facilities Planning & Construction) website for use when requesting renovation, remodeling, interior design and quick response services.  The online form will also allow the customer to request a space study, facility program and, in the future, submit a space or lease request .

With these expanded services, it is important to reiterate the prohibition of individual college and department personnel from acting as contractors and/or purchasers for alterations, renovations, remodeling, interior design and other construction related services, such as carpeting, painting, door replacements and security systems, in university buildings.  This new Procedure on Authority & Responsibility for Alteration/Renovation/Remodeling/Interior Design of Buildings & Infrastructure can also be found on front page of the UFPDC website.  To reduce liability risk, manage compliance with standards and codes, and to assure conformance with statutorily mandated project limits, all work shall be managed through the UFPDC.  The Facilities Offices within IFAS and Housing will follow all UF policies and procedures for minor renovations as set forth by UFPDC and submit proposed projects for review prior to implementation.  These measures will assist us in providing safe, healthy and high performance facilities for our students, faculty, staff, patients and visitors.

Please feel free to contact Carol Walker, AVP, at; as she and her team of professionals move forward to continue to provide excellent services on behalf of the university community.

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