UF Foundation Form and Process Improvements

Published: June 22nd, 2015

Category: Memos

Thomas J. Mitchell, Vice President for Development and Alumni Affairs and Michael McKee, Vice President and CFO

We are pleased to announce improvements to UF Foundation forms and processes frequently used by the UF community!

Effective immediately, we are now permitting email approvals, among other improvements noted, for the forms below:

1. The Payment Authorization form (UFF-PA) for expending donor monies.
2. The Fund to Fund Transfer form (UFF-K) for moving monies between funds.
3. The P-card Authorization form has been eliminated, with relevant information now included on the Payment Authorization form.
4. The Asset Transmittal form (UFF-B) will no longer require the Fund Administrator’s signature.
5. The Fund to Fund Transfer form (UFF-K) will now only require the approval of the Fund Administrator for the fund disbursing monies, and no longer require the Dean’s approval/signature.

We feel these changes will be very beneficial to campus, and greatly reduce the administrative burden in conducting business with donor monies.

For additional information on the changes to the Payment Authorization form and process, please reference the Payment Authorization Process Guidelines on the UF Foundation’s website at http://www.uff.ufl.edu/Documents. For general questions, please contact John Bockman, Assistant Controller at UF Foundation, at jbockman@uff.ufl.edu.

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