UF Strategic Goals for Information Technology 2015-2020

Published: June 2nd, 2015

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Elias Eldayrie, Vice President and Chief Information Officer


Information Technology is a primary facilitator shaping the university’s future, that shapes our community, our state, and the world beyond. Increasingly, it is information technology infrastructure and services which enable advances in research, education, clinical practice, extension, and outreach. Our vision is to put in place exceptional services that facilitate UF’s rise to top ten.

I am pleased to share with you the University of Florida’s 2015-2020 Strategic Goals for Information Technology. One IT for the Gator Good is the theme of our plan which you can find online at http://www.it.ufl.edu/vp-cio-office/strategic-plan/.

The strategic goals and objectives of this plan were created in collaboration with UF Information Technology governance http://www.it.ufl.edu/governance/. We also undertook a campus-wide inclusive process to identify the university’s current and emerging IT needs and recognize opportunities for innovation to improve mission-related outcomes. This process included meetings with many of you, as well as meetings with the Faculty Senate Information Technology committee and focus groups with faculty, staff, and students.

The goals articulated in this plan are particularly important as they will guide decision- making on priorities and allocation of resources to pursue the stated objectives. I firmly believe that achieving the goals outlined in this plan will have a profound impact for UF and for the greater community we serve.

The plan was informed and guided by the vision, themes, and values of the Strategic Planning Effort undertaken by the Office of the Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer. The strategic goals identified will be continually vetted to ensure they remain aligned with President Fuchs’ goal setting task force as we move forward.

We will track progress towards our stated goals and share them with the university community. Previous year’s progress reports are archived online for your information and can be found at:

As we did in past years, I will visit with each college in the coming months to make sure we continue to serve your needs and are true to our stated plan. I look forward to your continued support as together One IT for the Gator Good facilitate UF’s rise to top ten.

Go Gators!

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