New TEAMS titles resulting from UF On Target initiative to take effect April 22

Published: April 12th, 2016

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Paula Varnes Fussell, Vice President for Human Resource Services

The UF On Target project team has completed its review of staff position information submitted to the UF On Target file last November.  As of March 31, more than 5,000 positions have been approved for implementation in myUFL.

As part of the UF On Target project, all TEAMS titles and descriptions have undergone a careful review by the department- or college-level administrator as well as the On Target project team.  During the review process, the project team notified college or unit human resources representatives if positions in their areas required additional information. In some cases, the project team recommended an alternate title.  Over the next few weeks, the project team will continue to work with unit representatives to finalize any outstanding positions. Employees will begin receiving notifications of their new titles, as well as any other pertinent information regarding the position change, beginning this week. These position changes will be effective in myUFL on April 22.

If, upon receiving notification of his or her new title, an employee has questions or concerns, he or she should speak with a supervisor or the college or unit’s human resources representative.  If concerns persist following this discussion, employees may request a final review by UF Human Resource Services via the Final Review Request online form,

The new titles are expected to more accurately reflect the important work performed on behalf of the university. In addition, we expect the new titles will identify training and development opportunities, facilitate better performance feedback, and define potential career paths and promotional opportunities.

We appreciate your support of this process and encourage you to direct any questions or concerns to the UF On Target Project Team at  Additional information about UF On Target may be found on the project website at

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