Distance Learning Fees/Dates and Deadlines

Published: January 28th, 2020

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W. Andrew McCollough, Associate Provost for Teaching and Technology

Applications to request Distance Learning Fees for the Summer and Fall 2020 terms are now being accepted through PeopleSoft.  All departmental applications should be submitted no later than Monday, February 10, 2020 and Dean’s approval is required by Friday, February 14.  

(Reminder, DL Fees applications are required each semester for all courses as they are not carried over.)

The following Distance Learning Fee guidelines are to be utilized, beginning with the Fall, 2020 term.

•      Beginning with the Fall, 2020 term TA (Grad Asst.) fee waivers will not be approved for inclusion in Distance Learning Fees.

•       Beginning with the Spring, 2021 term, neither TA (Grad Asst.) fee waivers nor stipends will be approved for inclusion in Distance Learning Fees.

•       “The amount of the distance learning course fee may not exceed the additional costs of the services provided which are attributable to the development and delivery of the distance learning course.” [2019 Fla. Statute, Title XLVIII, Chapter 1009, Item 1009.24 (17)(b)].

•         “The average distance learning fee amounts assessed by a state university may not exceed $30 per credit hour.” [BOG Regulation 7.003 (18)(f)].

•           The additional costs that are modality related are:

o             Production costs

Includes variable costs, as well as amortization of fixed costs. [excluding cost of real assets]

o             Proctoring services

Policy, course eligibility and the process for applying and implementing a distance learning fee for a course is available here: http://tnt.aa.ufl.edu/policies/.

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