UF Policy Procedures

Published: July 1st, 2020

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Joe Glover, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Charlie Lane, Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President

The University of Florida (UF) is implementing the following Policy on Policies, which must be followed by all UF employees:


  1. UF Regulation

A UF Regulation is an official directive of general applicability that is required by federal or state law, by Board of Governors regulations or is otherwise deemed necessary and appropriate by the University of Florida Board of Trustees. To be effective, a Regulation must be approved by the University of Florida Board of Trustees.  Regulations provide the broader framework under which UF Policies may be created.

  • UF Policy

A UF Policy is an official University of Florida directive that establishes clear standards of organizational and individual conduct in compliance with applicable laws and regulations and is deemed necessary and appropriate by University of Florida leadership.  UF Policies apply University-wide (as opposed to college or unit internal policies), and all faculty, staff, students, volunteers, vendors and visitors to campus are expected to comply with applicable UF policies. A UF Policy may expand on the framework in a UF Regulation but may not conflict with a UF Regulation.

  • UF Policy Owner

A UF Policy Owner is the University Cabinet Member who exercises oversight over, and ultimate responsibility for, standards of conduct set forth in a UF Policy.


All UF Policies must be:

  1. effectively communicated, easily comprehended and accessed, and internally consistent;
  2. reviewed by the General Counsel’s office and the Vice President (or designee) of the office representing the Policy Owner prior to issuance and implementation and with adequate review time provided (for emergency policies, the above offices must be involved throughout the policy development process to ensure appropriate review);
  3. sponsored by at least one University Cabinet Member, who serves as the Policy Owner and is primarily responsible for the policy’s implementation and enforcement. The Policy Owner is also responsible for answering questions about the UF Policy, reviewing and updating the UF Policy as needed, and monitoring its effectiveness.
  4. reviewed and approved by an appropriate collection of University officers as needed (e.g., the President’s Executive Council, the Faculty Senate, the Cabinet, etc.)

*The above Policy on Policies process is required to be followed for any directive that meets the definition of a UF Policy. Calling a directive a different name does not exempt the directive from this process. Standard procedures will be developed to include a standard template and a publishing/communication process (es) for issuing UF Policies.

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