University of Florida New Regulation

Published: December 10th, 2021

Category: Memos

Amy Hass, Vice President and General Counsel

UF Regulation 1.400 – Matching Gifts Challenge Grant Program or Matching Gifts

University of Florida Regulation Amendments

UF Regulation 1.300 – Direct Support Organizations; Health Services Support Organizations

UF Regulation 2.019 – Alcoholic Beverages

UF Regulation 4.040 – Student Honor Code and Student Conduct Code

University of Florida Regulation Repeals

UF Regulation 2.020 – Food Service on Campus

 UF Regulation 3.0031 – Volunteers

The above-referenced regulation, regulation amendments and regulation repeals were approved by the University Board of Trustees on December 3, 2021. The final version of the regulation and regulation amendments are now effective and have been published on the University’s Regulations website at The repealed regulations have been removed from the University’s Regulations website.

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