Computer Crimes and Thefts

Published: September 18th, 1995

Category: Memos

Chief Everett H. Stevens, University Police Department

During the past few months we have been experiencing an increase in computer thefts on campus. Specifically, computer hardware and memory chips have been targeted. The introduction of Microsoft Windows 95 has possibly prompted many of these thefts.

While we continue our efforts to investigate and apprehend those responsible, it would be helpful for each of you to take preventative measures.

The most critical preventative measure is key control. We have learned during our investigations of an instance where a non-affiliated person had key access and use of computers. This invalidates any security measures that may have been in place. I encourage each of you to evaluate your key control policy and to take any necessary steps to enhance and restrict key control in your area. I also encourage you to take any additional steps possible to secure computer equipment including locking devices designed for this purpose. Information regarding equipment security can be obtained from our Community Services Division by calling 392-1409.

Please encourage your personnel to promptly report any suspicious person(s) and/or incident(s), unusual occurrences or suspected crimes to the University Police Department at 392-1111. The University Police Department is available to assist with your security concerns 24 hours daily.

If you would like a security survey of your area or desire additional security information please contact our Community Services Division at 392-1409.

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