Other Personal Services (OPS) or Non-Student Extensions (Beyond 2080 hours)

Published: October 9th, 1995

Category: Memos

Jack Heidler, Director, University Personnel Services

Help is now available to verify that the status of OPS employees in your area meets State University System (SUS) requirements. Because OPS extension requests are approved by deans, directors, and vice presidents, it has been the responsibility of these offices to monitor OPS appointments and extensions in their area and maintain supporting documentation of such for auditing purposes. Often this monitoring has been difficult because many OPS employees have worked in more than one department during the 24-month period of time.

A quarterly edit program has been developed to help you identify non-student OPS employees in your area who have exceeded, or will soon exceed, the 2080 hours allowed under SUS policy. The program will identify the total number of hours worked as of the report date as a way for you to monitor non-student OPS employees and ensure compliance with policy. Each quarter, you will be provided this list by time-keeping location (TKL).

A non-student OPS employee may exceed the 2080-hour maximum if an extension has been approved by the appropriate dean, director, or vice president. Please remember, however, that departments submitting extension requests must show at least one of the following:

  • A justifiable need to retain the employee that is in the best interest of the university.
  • The unavailability of a salaried, authorized person to perform assigned tasks.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Sharon Avery, Processing and Records, at 392-1204, Suncom 622-1204, or Joanne Dice, Assistant Director of University Retirement, at 392-4941, Suncom 622-4941.

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