Workers’ Compensation Cost Savings

Published: October 27th, 1995

Category: Memos

Jack Heidler, Director, University Personnel Services

I am pleased to announce that our efforts to reduce workers’ compensation costs at the University of Florida have been extremely successful!

The Florida Government Safety Awareness Initiative, signed in 1992 by the Governor and Cabinet, mandated that all state agencies significantly reduce their workers’ compensation costs. In response to that, our Workers’ Compensation Office developed the University of Florida Workers’ Compensation Cost Reduction Initiative.

With the support and commitment of university administrators, supervisory personnel, and staff, the university has achieved savings of over $411,000 in fiscal year 1994/95 when compared to fiscal year 1993/94.

We appreciate your support of our cost reduction initiative and we should all take great pride in these cost savings because they reflect the positive impact that university partnerships can make.

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