The Electronic DDD List

Published: February 16th, 1996

Category: Memos

Jack Battenfield, Associate Vice President for University Relations

The Electronic Deans, Directors and Department Chair List

The electronic DDD list* is designed to provide deans, directors and department chairs with information on policies and procedures plus provide a means for the immediate communication of emergency information. It is NOT designed for meeting notices or personal business. While single-page memos can be sent by e-mail, lengthy information will be summarized with a reference or URL to a web site where the complete document will be located and indexed.

In addition, an indexed list of university policies and procedures will be maintained on the web. Offices and departments that establish, produce and/or maintain university policies and procedure are encouraged to publish those policies and procedures on the web and provide Dan Arrington in Administrative Affairs ( with the web address so that the documents can be included in the index.

For example, the university’s policies and procedures for honorary degrees are now located at but there is no index to it except on the University Relations homepage. Now, a reference and link to “Honorary Degrees” will be included in the index to university policies and procedures. The address for the university index is as follows:

A link to “UF Policies and Procedures” will also be on the UF homepage soon.

*The electronic DDD list is really a combination of lists, including vice presidents, associate and assistant vice presidents, deans, department chairs and directors. The lists are maintained by University Relations, and access must be through University Relations (, the Vice Provost ( or Administrative Affairs (

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