CIC Agency, Inc. Maintenance Insurance

Published: March 20th, 1996

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Edward E. Gilbert, Director, Operations Analysis

On Thursday March 28, 1996, in room 346 at the J. Wayne Reitz Union, four sessions will be held to explain the new University of Florida equipment maintenance contract with CIC Agency, Inc.

The new contract was announced in Administrative Affairs Memorandum No. 163 dated February 23, 1996, to Deans, Directors, and Department Chairs. A copy of the memo is enclosed and is also available on the World Wide Web ( Administrative Affairs strongly endorses this new equipment maintenance program because it provides for the same equipment service schedule at a savings in excess of 20% of the cost of existing service contracts. The primary difference between the two types of service contracts is that the new agreement pays service vendors on a time and materials basis. Each department can select any vendor to provide the on-site service. In most cases, the same vendor currently providing service will respond to service calls under the new agreement.

A list of the current maintenance agreements charged to Object Codes 240011 and 242011 has been prepared for each department. This list was given to the CIC Agency, Inc. which provided a quote for the equipment covered on each maintenance agreement. The quoted prices are guaranteed not to increase for the first two years of the contract. The list for your division, center or department will be provided at the meeting. Please attend or have a representative attend. Please call Operations Analysis (392-2318) to make your reservation; seating is limited.

    Date             Morning        Afternoon      Location
March 28, 1996    8:30 to 10:00   1:00 to 2:30   Room 346 JWRU
March 28, 1996   10:30 to 12:00   3:00 to 4:30   Room 346 JWRU


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