1996 Davis Productivity Awards

Published: May 9th, 1996

Category: Memos

Gerald Schaffer, Vice President for Administrative Affairs

I am pleased to provide you with the enclosed information about the 1996 Davis Productivity Awards Program.

The Davis Productivity Awards are presented annually to honor and reward those individuals and work units in Florida state government who have significantly increased productivity in delivering state services and products. This program provides cash awards to state employees who have demonstrated exemplary performance or whose creativity has led to new cost saving approaches to university or governmental problems.

The University of Florida garnered so many Davis Productivity Awards in 1992, 1993, 1994, and 1995 that a special awards presentation was held in the ballroom of the J. Wayne Reitz Union the past four years. Tentative plans already have been made for a similar ceremony at the University of Florida on Wednesday, December 4, 1996, subject to the number of 1996 award winners.

Please join me in encouraging faculty and staff of the University of Florida to nominate a fellow employee or work unit for a 1996 Davis Productivity Award. Cash awards ranging from $100 to $2,000 will be provided to top award winners. Commemorative plaques and certificates of commendation will be awarded to other employees as well.

The deadline for nominations is July 1, 1996. Florida TaxWatch staff and a distinguished panel of judges composed of business and civic leaders will make the award decisions.

Please make additional copies of the attached nomination form as needed. Additional copies may be obtained from the personnel satellite office serving your area. Please send your completed nomination form and two copies to Don Monroe, Employee Relations, University Personnel Services, 317 Stadium West, by July 1, 1996. Questions concerning forms or the nomination process also may be directed to him at 392-1072.

I hope you will join me in support of the 1996 Davis Productivity Awards program as we seek to recognize and reward deserving University of Florida employees.

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