University Fire Exit Drill Program

Published: May 1st, 1996

Category: Memos

William S. Properzio, Director

Florida State Statutes require the University to conduct fire exit drills in many of our campus buildings. Recently, the University has received “Notice of Violation” reports from the State Fire Marshal citing noncompliance with fire exit drill requirements. In response to the citations, EH&S has developed the attached policy, which details the program to meet this statutory requirement.

Approximately 120 campus buildings meet the criteria as outlined in the statute. Beginning in Summer A ’96, 10 of the buildings meeting the criteria as outlined in the policy are scheduled for fire exit drills. This will be followed by an additional 10 in Summer B and 50 each in the Fall ’96 and Spring ’97 terms.

EH&S shall attempt to notify each department within the building prior to the first week of the term in which the fire exit drill is to be conducted. This notification will include the week in which the test is to be conducted. Any dates or times that would cause severe problems when the building is evacuated should be reported to the Fire Prevention Office at 392-1904 as soon as possible. An attempt will be made to accommodate these special circumstances.

As a reminder, all members of the University community are required to participate in these drills. There are no exceptions to this policy. The drills are designed to test the effectiveness of the means of egress, fire alarm systems and to prepare building occupants for a real emergency. The testing time will be kept to a bare minimum.


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