New UF Home Page

Published: June 11th, 1996

Category: Memos

Martha Hruska, Chair

Effective May 28, 1996, the UF Home Page has a new look and new features.

Chief among the new features is the ability to search the UF Web via a new page called *Investigator*. Marcus Morgan, of NERDC, developed the search engine that runs it using Harvest software. Suzy Shaw, of the Smathers Libraries, designed the Investigator page. With this feature, all html files and documents in the ufl domain will now be easily retrievable. So easily retrievable that if, for any reason, UF Web authors or page managers are not ready or prepared for retrieval of their documents through this (or other robot-type) searches, they are advised to consult

The re-designed UF Home Page uses new graphics to present the campus-wide information collected there. The original page with the palm frond banner has been retired and archived at

Brian Slawson, of the Art Department, has created new University of Florida banner graphics ( UF page managers are encouraged to use these graphics which are consistent with the new UF page.

Comments and suggestions for continual improvements to the UF Home Page are welcome and encouraged. Send email to

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