OPS minimum wage, salary ranges, and employment procedures

Published: September 9th, 1996

Category: Memos

Jack Heidler, Director

On August 20, 1996, President Clinton signed into law a bill that will raise the minimum wage of millions of workers to $4.75/hour effective October 1, 1996, and then raise it again to $5.15/hour as of September 1, 1997. As we prepare to comply with this federal legislation, we want to make you aware that OPS (Other Personal Services) employees making less than the minimum wage on October 1, 1996, will have their hourly pay automatically adjusted to the new minimum.

Processing and Records, University Personnel Services, handles all OPS employment processing and is available to address any questions related to these procedures. Please remind your personnel payroll administrators that OPS new hires, as with all university employees, must complete the Employment Eligibility Form I-9 within three workdays of their start dates.

If you have any questions regarding OPS processing or the OPS minimum wage, please do not hesitate to contact Sharon Avery at 392-1204, SC 622-1204. For your convenience, Central Employment also is available to assist with recruitment of OPS employees for your area. Additionally, questions regarding students appointed on college work-study assignments should be directed to Ruth Strawder at 392-0296.

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