Workers’ Compensation Managed Medical Care

Published: September 11th, 1996

Category: Memos

Jack Heidler, Director

The Florida Workers’ Compensation Law requires that employers provide medical care through managed care networks to employees who are injured on the job. At this time, only University of Florida employees assigned to work in Broward, Clay, Dade, and Duval counties are covered by such networks. Bids, however, currently are being reviewed for many of the remaining counties in the state, including Alachua County, and we expect that contracts will be awarded soon. When these contracts are issued, they will define how, when, and where our employees receive care for their job-related injuries.

Once the managed care provider for Alachua County is determined, we will provide a follow-up memorandum to you with specific information and instructions. At that time, we will ask for your help in disseminating that information. Additionally, we will send a direct mailing to all affected employees explaining the workers’ compensation managed medical care changes and the impact of those changes. With your cooperation and assistance, we can ensure that this change is communicated in a proactive and effective manner.

Our Workers’ Compensation Office staff is available to answer questions or to conduct information overview sessions for your administrative staff. If you have any questions or are interested in an informational overview session, please contact Henry Zunker at 392-4940 or me at 392-1075.

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