Mediation Services

Published: October 17th, 1996

Category: Memos

Doug Diekow, Program Coordinator

I am proud to announce that the Dispute Resolution Center is up and running! The services of the center became available with the beginning of the semester, however, with the completion of our training program, we are now fully on line with 14 trained mediators.

The purpose of mediation is to provide our students with an alternative to traditional adversarial forms of resolution. The mediation process encourages win/win scenarios and seeks to empower those involved in conflict to determine the course of action for resolution. In facilitating resolution, it is our hope that we are also modeling and educating students on appropriate ways in which to resolve conflict.

I have enclosed a copy or copies of our brochure and ask that you utilize the Dispute Resolution Center as a resource as you work with students. The program is easy to aaccess, students simply need to come in to my office and indicate that they would like to meet with someone. As program coordinator, I coordinate the process and am committed to having a mediator contact them within 72 hours.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 392-1267

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