Student computing accounts for Spring 1997

Published: January 3rd, 1997

Category: Memos

Mark Hale, Director

Effective Spring semester, 1997, CIRCA will provide individual lab access accounts to all students for use in CIRCA labs at no charge. Students in your courses will have access to all standard microcomputer software such as word processing and other office applications, Internet applications such as Netscape and terminal emulation, and any specialized software or files provided for courses you teach. As a result, it will not be necessary to request class accounts for any purposes which require only microcomputer use or access to the Internet. Classroom computer accounts will continue to be available at no charge for courses which require e-mail for all students or interactive unix, VMS, or NERDC services. It is not appropriate to issue such accounts to support activities which are recommended but not required. No other changes in services are planned for this semester.

Undergraduate students will be continue to be charged $20 per semester for personal grove e-mail accounts, file space for personal web pages, and shell access to unix.

Students can activate their lab accounts at any terminal or microcomputer in the CIRCA labs; they need not come to the CIRCA office. Detailed instructions are provided on each system at start-up time, and additional help will be available in the labs after January 6th.

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