Clarification of Pesticide Monitoring Program Criteria

Published: March 28th, 1997

Category: Memos

William Properzio, Ph.D., Director

In December, 1996, EH&S mailed out the new Medical Monitoring Program for Pesticide Users. This program instituted major changes such as new cholinesterase (Che) baselines for all users of Che-inhibiting pesticides due to a new analytical method and a blood chemistry profile for all workers covered by the program. In addition, minimum criteria for bringing workers into the monitoring program were established. Only those pesticide users exceeding the minimum toxicity, quantity and frequency limits would be covered and require medical monitoring.

The attached flow chart and example questions and answers are provided as an aid in determining which pesticide users need to be included in the medical monitoring program. It is intended to help clarify the criteria for inclusion and define the minimum limits of toxicity, quantity and frequency. If a situation or particular use does not fit the established criteria, then EH&S will determine applicability on a case by case basis.

Please note that medical monitoring is required for all accidental or spill incidents regardless of whether the employee is currently in the program or not. In addition, safety training must be documented for all pesticide users. Should you have any questions please call Vince McLeod or Mary Russell (EH&S @ 352-392-1591) for assistance.

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