Policy regarding the Administration and Management of Overseas Study Abroad Programs

Published: March 26th, 1997

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Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Provost Paul Gibbs, Director

The University of Florida is committed to incorporating study abroad into the academic curriculum. The Office of International Studies and Programs (OISP) is charged with the administration and fiscal management of study programs through its Overseas Studies (OSS) division. OISP arranges for the transfer of academic credit earned on study abroad programs, certifies financial aid budgeting and provides an umbrella of support services while our students are overseas. These services for students, faculty and the university academic units are supported under an OISP-OSS administrative fee structure funded by participating students and their respective programs.

Faculty have the clear responsibility through colleges and departments or centers to establish the academic standards and intellectual content of overseas studies programs. Academic units are encouraged to include and develop study abroad options for their students within their degree programs recognizing that any excess hours charge directly attributed to overseas coursework pre-certified through OISP-OSS will be paid by U.F.

In view of OISP’s role, all undergraduate, graduate and professional school students participating in formal overseas studies programs sponsored or approved by the University of Florida that carries academic credit must work with OISP. OISP-OSS provides for the oversight, development, administration and fiscal management of study abroad regardless of which academic unit may be engaged in such activities.

It is also important to note that graduate and professional students who are engaged in independent international research under the supervision of their major professor or advisor are not considered to be in a formal overseas study program. Such students however must comply with U.F. risk management policies for students abroad. OISP-OSS is available for consultation on risk management issues and insurance information pertaining to the activities of such students when overseas.

The OISP-OSS division has guidelines for faculty and students requiring pre-certification and risk management support for their international activities. Questions regarding overseas study programming should be directed to the OISP-OSS at 392-5323, e-mail: ossmgmt@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu or http://www.oisp.ufl.edu.

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