Nominations for the 1997 Teacher/Scholar of the Year

Published: March 7th, 1997

Category: Memos

Academic Advisory Committee

The Academic Advisory Committee to the Provost invites you and your colleagues to submit nominations for the Teacher/Scholar of the Year Award for 1997. All current faculty members of the University are eligible for consideration for this significant award. A list of previous recipients of the award is provided with this memorandum for reference purposes.

In selecting the awardee, the Committee will be designating a faculty member who demonstrates excellence in both teaching and scholarly activity (manifested by scholarly research, creative writing, original works of art, etc.). The concept of excellence in both of these areas should be evident in the awardee’s career accomplishments.

Nominations may be submitted by colleagues who can attest to the nominee’s qualifications. Nomination dossiers should include a nomination letter and a Curriculum Vita. As part of the C.V., one page summaries of both the teaching and scholarly activities of the nominee are requested, as described below.

For the teaching area, include an overview of the nominee’s courses taught for the past five years (indicate undergraduate or graduate, typical enrollments and offering frequency), innovative techniques used, and a summary of student course evaluations. The summary of the nominee’s scholarly work should include the nature of the research or creative work, importance of the work to the scholar’s field, funding sources, awards received, graduate students/fellows trained, etc.

The nomination dossiers will be reviewed by the Academic Advisory Committee and an awardee will be selected. The Committee may request additional documentation as it deems necessary to evaluate more fully the nominations.

Nomination dossiers should be delivered to the Committee in care of Ms. Ann Sumler, Senior Secretary to the Provost, Room 235 Tigert Hall, no later than 12 NOON on April 11, 1997. The awardee will be notified at the end of the Spring Semester.

We encourage you to confer with colleagues and to identify and nominate deserving faculty members. This is one of the University of Florida’s most prestigious faculty awards, offering an honorarium of $2,000 in addition to other appropriate recognition.


1959-60 G.K. Davis — Agriculture
1960-61 R.L. Johns — Education
1961-62 Harold Bachman — Music
1962-64 (not awarded)
1964-65 M.J. Dauer — Political Science
1965-66 A.P. Black — Engineering
1966-67 T.W. Herbert — English
1967-68 Raymond Crist — Geography
1968-69 Archie Carr — Botany
1969-70 Arthur Combs — Education
1970-71 Wayne H. Chen — Engineering
1971-72 Irving Goffman — Business Administration
1972-73 Frederick Rhines — Engineering
1973-74 David Chalmers — History
1974-75 Jerry N. Uelsmann — Fine Arts
1975-76 G. Paul Moore — Speech
1976-77 William Woodruff — History
1977-78 Howard T. Odum — Engineering
1978-79 Ellis D. Verink — Engineering
1979-80 Solon T. Kimball — Anthropology
1980-81 M.B. Rowe — Education
1981-82 Larry Hench — Engineering
1982-83 Charles Wagley — Anthropology
1983-84 James Winefordner — Chemistry
1984-85 Dinesh O. Shah — Chemical Engineering
1985-86 Roy C. Craven — Fine Arts
1986-87 Parker A. Small, Jr. — Medicine
1987-88 Fred A. Lindholm — Engineering
1988-89 Martin A. Uman — Engineering
1989-90 William M. Jones — Chemistry
1990-91 J.J. Ewel — Botany
1991-92 Thomas L. Crisman — Environmental Eng. Sciences
1992-93 David H. Evans — Zoology
1993-94 (not awarded)
1994-95 Patrick Duff — Obstetrics and Gynecology
1996-97 Pierre Ramond — Physics

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