Risk management policies for independent research

Published: March 26th, 1997

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Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Provost Paul Gibbs, Director

All students who do field work, research, or study abroad in any University of Florida sanctioned or sponsored event must have, at a minimum, major medical health and accident insurance which includes 24hr emergency assistance, medical evacuation and coverage for repatriation of remains. All units should be aware that students often carry no health insurance and that the many changes currently occurring in the health care industry often seriously reduce or limit coverage when international travel is involved. Students must also be provided with pre-departure orientation information on issues such as local health and safety conditions, emergency contact procedures, and other pertinent country information available through sources such as the U.S. Department of State country travel advisories and the Centers for Disease Control. Students participating in organized Overseas Studies programs MUST meet these requirements in order to participate. Graduate and professional students doing supervised field studies or research abroad typically do not participate in the Overseas Studies programs, thus the following policy will govern the risk management of such activities.

It is the responsibility of the department and the faculty advisor to monitor and advise their graduate or professional students about insurance, host country living conditions and to provide such other information that will advise students of known risks which may occur while participating in such supervised activities. Faculty and departmental units supervising such students abroad are responsible for ensuring the availability of emergency contact information but are encouraged to contact OISP-OSS for assistance and support services in this matter.

Information on pre-departure orientation procedures, major medical health insurance, emergency assistance insurance, and related travel information for study as well as research abroad may be obtained from the Office of International Studies and Programs Overseas Studies division at 392-5323, e-mail: ossmgmt@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu or http://www.oisp.ufl.edu. OISP-OSS provides a fee based program that includes support for such services including emergency assistance (med evac, repat and 24hr contact) which may be utilized by faculty, students and all academic units who participate in supervised international study or official business abroad.

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