College/Department Awards to Students

Published: May 19th, 1997

Category: Memos

Karen L. Fooks, Director

Student Financial Affairs would like to remind colleges and departments of the need to notify our office, as soon as possible, of students receiving college-awarded scholarships, grants, fellowships, stipends, waivers, loans or funds of any type for the upcoming academic year. Federal and state regulations governing financial aid require the university to factor in all sources of assistance before awarding financial aid. In the event that aid has already been awarded or disbursed, regulations require an analysis of the student’s aid package to determine if receipt of an additional award places the student in an over-award situation (i.e., total awards are greater than cost-of-attendance minus effective family contribution). If the student has been over-awarded, a reduction in federal and state aid may be necessary, and could lead to a student’s repayment of financial aid funds.

The following is a list of procedures for colleges and departments awarding scholarships: 1) Send a Scholarship Notification Document (SND) to Student Financial Affairs indicating student’s name, social security number, award name, account number and amount per term; 2) Receive check from donor, or request funds from the University of Florida Foundation; 3) Deposit funds in appropriate scholarship account at University Financial Services. Student Financial Affairs will then include these funds in the student’s award package, adjusting it as necessary, and arrange for the student to be paid.

Our greatest need is for all colleges and departments to give us complete information as early as possible, before the academic term begins. The later the notification is received in our office, the greater the likelihood that a problem will be created for the student. This policy is not designed to detract from academic awards given to or earned by individual students in recognition of their academic accomplishments. It is our effort to comply with federal and state regulations, and to assist all needy students in the most equitable manner.

Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. We look forward to working with you for the benefit of all students. Please contact our Scholarship Section if there are special circumstances surrounding the award of your scholarships, grants, fellowships or loans, which you feel have not been adequately addressed by our office. In addition, if you need a supply of Scholarship Notification Documents, please request them from our Scholarship Section.

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