Announcement of Health Assessment Management System Extension

Published: July 11th, 1997

Category: Memos

William S. Properzio, Ph.D., Director

In cooperation with Academic Affairs, Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) announces the extension of the Health Assessment Management System (HAMS) for academic new hires beginning with Fall 1997 appointments. In 1994, EH&S introduced the HAMS as an on-line system that assisted departments with health assessment decisions. For USPS positions, it was linked to ACCESS and for A&P and OPS positions, it was used as a substitute for the Occupational Medicine Health Assessment form. The HAMS lists UF job activities with health risks that are covered by federal, state and local regulations. Though the initial focus for the HAMS was on non-academic positions, this second phase expands the use to academic employees.

For each academic new hire beginning on or after August 8, 1997, the hiring department must add a record in the HAMS indicating whether any of the UF health-risk job activities will apply. This includes all faculty (salaried and OPS), graduate assistants, post-doctoral associates, residents, interns and fellows. After the department has added the HAMS record, EH&S will provide the affected employee information regarding the job activity and related health assessments.

The steps to add a HAMS record are the same for faculty as they are for USPS, A&P and OPS positions. For those department representatives who are not already using HAMS, EH&S will provide a User’s Guide and training upon request. Departments may want to designate the individual currently adding the HAMS records for USPS position as the individual to add these new records to HAMS. A User Security Request form must be completed and returned to EH&S for each new individual assigned to use HAMS. EH&S encourages the use of the Supervisor Checklist (on reverse side) to identify any job activities that apply to the affected position. Please contact EH&S if you need assistance with security or training to add HAMS records for academic new hires.


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