Updating Campus Directory Distribution List

Published: July 1st, 1997

Category: Memos

Telecommunications Department

The Telecommunications Department is responsible for the distribution of the University of Florida campus directory. Our distribution list needs to be updated prior to the delivery of the 1997-1998 directories. Please respond to the following questions by August 22, 1997.

  1. a. How many employees are currently assigned in your Department?

    b. How many of these employees will require a directory?

  2. Where do you prefer to have the directories delivered

    (Building Name and Number) ___________________________________
    (College or Division) __________________________________________

Print your name and provide a telephone number where we may contact you. Sign and mail or fax the completed survey to the Telecommunications Department, Building 429, Box 117725.




We appreciate your assistance with this survey. If you have any questions,
call the Telecommunications Department at 392-1146

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