Graduate Tuition Scholarship

Published: August 22nd, 1997

Category: Memos

Karen L. Fooks, Director

As most of you know, this new scholarship has been established for graduate assistants and fellows who demonstrate financial need. The scholarship is funded by a portion of the new tuition increase, which the Florida legislature has mandated to be used for need-based student aid. As with most other scholarships, these funds will be paid to eligible recipients through Student Financial Affairs (SFA) and University Financial Services (UFS).

The following is a brief reminder of the procedures that will be used:

  1. The Provost’s office has determined the program budget and scholarship amounts, and has notified each college of its allocation. A list of potentially eligible students has been sent to each college.
  2. Colleges should select recipients from the list furnished to them. The college should report all recipients and award amounts on a Scholarship Notification Document (SND) and send it to the Provost’s office.
  3. The Provost’s office will review and monitor scholarship awards against each college’s budget allocation, and then forward approved SND’s to SFA and UFS, as appropriate.
  4. SFA will review the recipients selected from each college to make sure each recipient remains eligible for the full amount awarded, and will notify the college if any awards need to be canceled or revised.
  5. UFS will pay eligible recipients after the end of drop-add, using regular disbursements procedures. Once a scholarship is paid, SFA will not revise the award, even if the student’s financial need should change.

We appreciate your cooperation as we work out the procedures for this new program. If you have any questions, please contact Gordon Andrews at 392-1272.

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