University of Florida Bookstores has textbooks!

Published: August 11th, 1997

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Bruce Lulow, Director

The continued UPS strike is causing everyone concern as many suppliers use UPS. Most of the books ordered from requisitions submitted to UF Bookstores by the deadline date were shipped to Gainesville before the strike began. In addition, we made contingency plans in advance with many of our supplies to ship remaining orders.

We need your help. Thirty percent of the book orders for Fall Semester have not been submitted to UF Bookstores. If you have not submitted your textbook order, please do so immediately. If teaching assistants have not yet arrived on campus, department chairs are encouraged to place book orders for their assigned classes.

The strike is putting a tremendous burden on the entire freight system; even if the strike is settled prior to the start of classes, it will take weeks before the shipping industry returns to normal.

As UF Bookstores is the largest bookstore serving the university, our orders receive priority handling. We have notified our suppliers to expedite all of our orders with UF Bookstores absorbing any increased handling charges.

If you have not submitted your book order to UF Bookstores, you can forward directly to our Textbook Department via the Web: (under bookstores/bookinfo/faculty), or call 392.0194 or Fax 486.1929. We will make every effort to have your course materials on the shelves when students return to class for the beginning of Fall Semester.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve the faculty and students of the University of Florida.

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