Graduate Student Teaching Awards – FALL 1997

Published: September 12th, 1997

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Richard J. Lutz, Senior Associate Dean

Plans are being made for the selection of outstanding graduate student teaching assistants for the 1997-98 academic year. The recipients of these awards will be chosen by a committee made up of graduate faculty and graduate students.

Nomination Criteria

Nominations may be made by a department for Fall and/or Spring semester. However, the total number of nominations may not exceed one nominee for each 30 (or fraction thereof) graduate assistants actually engaged in teaching a class, a discussion section or a laboratory. Students must be teaching in the semester in which they are nominated.

Required Information

The following information and supporting data should accompany each nomination:

1. A one-page letter from the department chair specifying the basis on which the teaching performance of the nominee has been judged outstanding.

2. Computer printout summaries of students teaching evaluation results from preceding semester or semesters. If the student has not taught a formal course previously, there needs to be a letter of justification explaining or describing the person’s experience as an instructor.

3. A short description of the nominee’s course and how it is being taught (i.e. laboratory, lecture, discussion). Please indicate if there is anything special about the course, e.g., restrictions placed on the material or on the student teacher. We encourage you to nominate laboratory instructors as well as lecture/discussion instructors.

4. A one page, double-spaced, statement by the nominee describing his or her teaching philosophy.

5. A fall or spring semester teaching schedule of the nominee. Please include the following information: (1) course title, (2) course number , (3) class schedule/time/day(s) and the room number where the course is being taught, and (4) a list of any scheduled exams, field trips, guest speakers. Please notify Bernice Thornton in my office of any changes (392-6622). Graduate Student Teaching Award Committee members will be visiting the classes/labs of each student nominated.

6. Submit an original and 3 copies for each nominee.

NOTE: All the information and data required must be submitted by the department to the Graduate School for the student to qualify. An incomplete nomination packet will result in the student being disqualified.


Fall deadline: October 1, 1997
Spring deadline: January 26, 1998

Award Winners

Award winners will be announced by the Graduate School in March, 1998, at a reception.

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