Vendor Diversity

Published: October 10th, 1997

Category: Memos

Gerald Schaffer, Vice President for Administrative Affairs

During the last several years, the University of Florida has made significant progress in meeting the important goals of expanding purchasing opportunities with minority and women-owned small businesses.

Increased departmental participation has helped the University achieve over $14,000,000 in expenditures with State Certified Minority Business Enterprises (CMBEs) during the last fiscal year. The one area of minority participation where we are significantly deficient is in the acquisition of commodities and services. In order to improve this level of involvement in acquiring these items, we need to provide opportunities for CMBEs to quote on all applicable purchases below the $15,000 bid level. If you are taking price quotes at the departmental level, the Purchasing Division can assist in determining if CMBE’s are available for the item(s) or services you are acquiring in order that they may provide price quotes.

Mr. Larry Ellis, Director of Small and Minority Business Development, in our Purchasing Division is available to help you identify potential minority suppliers. I encourage you, and your staff who are involved in the purchasing process, to contact Mr. Ellis at 392-1331. He also provides local and state CMBE Directories and is available to discuss the State Minority Business Enterprise Program with you and/or your staff upon request.

On March 9, 1998, the University of Florida Division of Purchasing will host the 8th Annual Small & Minority Business Trade Show in the Reitz Union Grand Ballroom. This event is designed to introduce a variety of businesses to department managers, requisitioners, principle investigators, and other users. The small and minority business exhibitors will provide attendees with a useful insight into their operations and capabilities through product displays, demonstrations, and presentations. I encourage you and your staff to attend during this day long event.

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