1997 Holiday Season Advanced Annual Leave

Published: December 8th, 1997

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Jack Heidler, Director

In keeping with the spirit of the season…

We are pleased to provide you with this year’s policy on advanced leave.

Annual leave may be advanced to and used by those USPS and A&P employees who do not have sufficient amounts of leave to cover normal working hours for the period of December 22, 1997, through January 2, 1998. Faculty members and Faculty Group Practice employees are not eligible for advanced annual leave.

To keep accurate records of all advanced annual leave credits, central leave administrators should enter leave used in a timely manner, allowing employees’ annual leave balances to go negative. Please note: This is an exception to normal policy. Other than during this period, leave balances should not be allowed to go negative.

All annual leave earned by the affected employees then will be credited against the leave that was advanced until the full amount of the advanced leave has been recovered and the employees’ balances return to positive. No additional annual leave may be approved for employees until positive leave balances have been reached. Since many employees earn only four hours of annual leave each pay period, departments will want to use discretion with respect to the amount of leave advanced.

A form to report approvals of advanced leave has been mailed to all departments. Once completed, this form should be maintained by the department’s central leave administrator.

Please consider: Advancing one week of annual leave (40 hours) to an employee who earns 4 hours per pay period will require that the employee work 10 additional pay periods, or five months, before being able to take paid time off for personal reasons. Also, if an employee terminates before achieving a positive annual leave balance, it is the department’s responsibility to recover moneys due in conjunction with terminal pay.

Remember: USPS and eligible A&P employees with annual leave in excess of their year-end maximums (USPS: 240, A&P: 352) will have annual leave hours over the maximum converted to sick leave hours as of January 1, 1998.

Leavekeepers: In order to ensure the appropriate amount of annual leave hours are converted to sick leave hours, all leave used through December 31, 1997, must be entered into the Central Leave System by 5:00 p.m. on December 31, 1997. Leave used from January 1 through January 8, 1998, must be entered by 5:00 p.m. on January 9, 1998.

Questions about A&P or USPS employees? Please call Employee Development, University Personnel Services, at 392-4626, SC 622-4626. Faculty members may direct their questions to Academic Affairs at 392-1254, SC 622-1254.

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