A&P and USPS Pay Ranges for 1998

Published: January 5th, 1998

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Jack Heidler, Director

Effective January 1, 1998, the Governor’s Office has instructed the Board of Regents’ Office of Human Resources staff to increase the State University System (SUS) pay grades. These SUS pay grade increases will follow the same three-tier approach as the salary increases that took effect for all employees on January 1, 1998. Based on this information, the pay grade minimums and maximums attached to my December 8, 1997, memorandum regarding USPS and A&P salary increases are being changed to reflect the Governor’s directive. Attached is the revised table of pay ranges.

Increases will be applied to the A&P and USPS ranges as follows:

  • $1200 on both the minimums and the maximums for all minimums which are $20,000.99 and less.
  • $1000 on both the minimums and maximums for all minimums which are $20,001 to $36,000.99.
  • 2.78% on both the minimums and maximums for all minimums of $36,001 and above.

The Governor’s directive does not affect the FNA and PBA step plans. My December 8, 1997 memorandum correctly reflects the new step amounts.

We regret any inconvenience these SUS pay grade increases may cause. Please note that although the major effect of this change is on your new 1998 hires, you may have some budgeting and operational considerations as well.

If you have questions, please call Steve Wing or Kris Pagenkopf, Classification and Compensation, at 392-1213, Suncom 622-1213.

* Pay grade minimum and maximum amounts do not include CADs for the following counties: Broward, Dade, Hillsborough, Monroe, Palm Beach, Pinellas.

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