Fisher Scientific Company Name and FEID

Published: February 10th, 1998

Category: Memos

Emily J. Hamby C.P.M., Director of Purchasing

Fisher Scientific Company has changed its name to Fisher Scientific Company LLC and has a new FEID: 232942737.

Purchase Orders should be directed to the following vendor codes:

Contract and scientific equipment items VF232942737002
Educational Materials Div. VF232942737003
International Division(overseas shipments) VF232942737004
Curtin Matheson Div. of Fisher Scientific VF232942737005
Furniture – Fisher Hamilton Scientific VF391744782001

All remittances should go to Pittsburgh, Pa. to PO Box indicated on invoice.

All sequences of the old FEID numbers (222451761, 222451767, 222451760) are being deleted as of February 11, 1998. Blankets against any of these three numbers, any sequence, should have a change order submitted to Purchasing. Payables and Disbursement Services may, at their discretion, change the vendor code for single payments.

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