Workshops for Tuition Waivers and Letter of Appointment File

Published: March 27th, 1998

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Rita Cowan, Administrative Services Coordinator

Several enhancements are being made to the Letter of Appointment (LOA) file that we will be sharing at the workshops listed below. The major change will be the use of computer generated e-mail to notify the departments/units about problems that are preventing the issuance of tuition waivers, i.e. funding listed is inadequate, insufficient funds in Expense, GPA of student is less than 3.0, student listed is not a graduate student.

These e-mails will be sent to those individuals that you have recently designated as the contact for graduate employment issues. During the workshops we will also provide you with key dates which will be used during the next year for the processing and funding of tuition waivers as well as a general overview of the LOA file. Your designated contact should attend a workshop so he/she becomes familiar with the new processes. Other individuals who work with graduate student appointments and waivers will also want to attend so they can learn of other uses of technology that we will incorporate into appointment processing.

April 6th, Monday 1:00 – 2:30 282 Reitz Union
April 7th, Tuesday 1:30 – 3:00 282 Reitz Union
April 13th, Monday 9:00 – 10:30 282 Reitz Union

If you have any questions, please call Nancy Paris or me at 392-1251 or send us e-mail at or Thanks.

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