Photocopy Contract

Published: April 29th, 1998

Category: Memos

Carolyn Henderson Allen, Deputy Director of University Libraries

The Capital Copy Photocopy Contract will expire effective at midnight on April 30. Xerox Business Service has been selected as the new vendor for photocopy services within the UF Library System effective May 1, 1998. I realize this is short notice, however the last legal roadblock was removed late yesterday by Dr. Lombardi when, at our request, he signed the final order dismissing COPICO’s protest. Capital Copy’s protest had been withdrawn on April 13.

As of this afternoon, our Business Services Office has not received a plan from Capital Copy for removal of their copiers. As soon as the plan is made available to us we will let you know. Arrangements have been made with Xerox to bring in enough copiers to keep the things going until they can manufacture the total machines required by the RFP. We anticipate that this will take about 4 to 6 weeks.

Because the Legal Information Center and Health Center Libraries remain in session well into May, they will be the first areas to receive the new copiers on May 1. Between May 2 and 3 all other public service locations will receive a minimum number of copiers.

We do not have an established date for card refunds to begin. Capitol Copy provided a proposed plan in January that requires all departments to send their cards to the Capitol Copy Corporate Headquarters. We will provide information and addresses as soon as the plan is confirmed. If patrons inquire about refunds, please advise that they should take the copy card to a copier and obtain a final reading on the card by midnight on 4/30. It is important that they write this amount of money still available to be spent on the card. This especially important for the departments. If additional information is required, have them contact Barbara Oliver at 2-0342.

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