Annual Review of Instructor, Visiting, and Provisional Faculty Status

Published: May 4th, 1998

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Rita Cowan, Administrative Services Coordinator

Attached please find computer listing(s) indicating Instructors, Provisional and Visiting Faculty in your unit. Please verify the accuracy of the information as listed and make any necessary corrections or additions directly on the printout. For your convenience, the column headings are further explained below.

  1. “Service Date” – year in which a person assumed an academic rank on a salaried line.
  2. “Rank Date” – year in which a person assumed his/her present rank.
  3. “Tenure Code” – number code as indicated on faculty contract.

The following is information regarding each of the three (3) categories:


University of Florida Policy (6C1-7.022 F.A.C.) states that Instructors (as defined in 6C1-7.003) must, no later than the close of the fourth year of continuous employment, be recommended for promotion (or change in title), or be given the required one year notice of non-reappointment. Part-time Instructors will accrue time towards the four year limit directly proportional to their appointment. Those recommended for promotion must meet the qualifications of the proposed rank. (Refer to 6C1-7.003 F.A.C.) If promotion is to a tenure-accruing title, up to two (2) years of service while in the Instructor rank may count as tenure earning service with the approval of the Office of Academic Affairs. This decision must be made at the time of appointment to a tenure-accruing title.


In accordance with Academic Affairs policy (6C1-7.003(4)(c)(6)F.A.C.), persons who are not fully qualified for an academic position but who are expected to acquire such qualifications in a short period of time may be designated as Provisional appointees. Such appointments are temporary, generally no longer than one (1) year, do not carry eligibility for tenure/permanent status during the duration of such appointment, and have no continuing contractual relationship with the University. The decision to count all, part or none of the time spent as a Provisional faculty member as tenure earning service is to be made at the time of any appointment to a tenure accruing title and requires the approval of the Office of Academic Affairs.

The time limits for individuals holding Provisional appointments are as follows:

1. Provisional Instructor or equivalent:   3 years
2. Provisional Assistant Professor or equivalent:   2 years

Letters of reappointment sent to faculty with the provisional status must remind the appointee of the time limit and provide proper notice of cessation of employment in the event the degree is not earned within the specified time.


Qualified persons who are available for limited periods of time may be granted a visiting appointment for no more than three (3) years. The Office of Academic Affairs may extend this time limit via prior approval. Effective with the 1998-99 fiscal year, these time limits will change for those faculty in the bargaining unit. For these employees the time limit will be four (4) years with no provision for extension of the appointment after 4 years. The University, however, will honor any contract already offered to a faculty member in the bargaining unit that would exceed these limits during the 1998-99 year. Thereafter, offers of reappointment must be in compliance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Academic Affairs is working on rule changes which will allow non-unit faculty to be appointed for up to four (4) years before the need for an extension request.

Time accrued in a Visiting position may count toward tenure eligibility. The decision to count all, part or none of the time spent as a visiting faculty as tenure earning service is to be made at the time of appointment to a tenure accruing title, with the approval of the Office of Academic Affairs. The decision to change the title or to give notice of non-reappointment must be done on a timely basis. (Proper notice should be given in the second year of employment or a request for extension needs to be submitted to Academic Affairs.)

For individuals who will reach the time limit on these titles during the 1998-99 year, you will need to indicate in the remarks area on the computer listing the action that will be taken, i.e., promotion, reappointment, approved extension of time limit, resignation, or notice of non-reappointment. If a notice of non-reappointment is given, please include the last date of employment as listed in the notice. Please attach to the listing any letters of approval from the Office of Academic Affairs for time limit extensions.

Upon completion of this review, please have the appropriate administrator sign the printout and return via your Dean’s/Director’s office to the Academic Personnel Office, Box 113005 no later than May 22, 1998. (The college/unit may make a copy of the signed printout for their records.) Please contact Janet Malphurs or me at 392-1251, if there are any questions.

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